RACETEC™ RR SLICK RACETEC™ RR SLICK Choose the Metzeler RACETEC™ RR SLICK tires and discover the pleasure of driving safely and with high performance!


  • Top adherence, agility and predictability all the time
  • Trajectory precision and high speed stability
  • Adaptability across different asphalts, temperatures and motorcycle setup
  • Performance consistency over the course of a lengthy road race


Front compounds

One of RACETEC™ RR Slick's most distinctive feature is its versatility of use on a wide range of asphalts and temperatures. 
For this reason, the front tire compound choice should be made depending on whether the rider prefers higher stability and precision when entering the corner (K2 version) rather than predictability and “edge grip” feeling (K1 version). 
Predictability in racing tires is the capability to alert the rider when the limit of adherence is close.
When braking hard and leaning into a corner, the racer will feel this warning in the form of a softening of the handling combined with understeering due to the slipping fore carriage. 
The capability to handle such an situation is a contributing factor in making racers go faster.
The neutral characteristics of RACETEC™ RR Slick warns the rider when limits are being approached which enables the racer to experience a higher control feeling, to chase their best lap time.

Rear compounds

As for the rear tire, choice of version is based on asphalt friction coefficient (high severity/friction and low severity/friction, depending on the circuit or road race) and asphalt temperature (with the threshold being around 77°/86° degree).
An important aspect of the Compounds development has been focused on performance consistency, through usage (miles  and/or laps), and time (thermic cycles).
The addition of specific resins in the compounds recipes and the employment of a specific mixing process allow RACETEC™ RR Slick to be used through several thermic cycles.

Handling and agility

RACETEC™ RR Slick rear tires features a major update in the change of dimension consisting in the oversizing of 180 and 190 series:
The traditional SuperSport rear size, 180/55, has been evolved into the 180/60. Similarly the traditional Superbike rear size 190/55 has evolved to 200/60.
RACETEC™ RR Slick features a sharper and wider contour, which means a larger contact patch at all lean angles. The profile speeds up the transition from upright, into lean angle, meaning you reach lean angle quicker and thus more grip at full lean faster. 

All asphalts, temperatures and setups

RACETEC™ RR Slick was developed to achieve high adaptability across a wide range of motorcycles and offer easy set-up. 
Single-ply rear tire structures make them very similar to those for stock production of hyper sport machines, making it possible to use tire pressures closer to those recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer. This is an advantage and certainly assists with set up. 
RACETEC™ RR Slick Compounds are extremely versatile and are designed and tested to cope with a wide range of applications in terms of both asphalt roughness and the associated operating temperature range.


  • 120/70 R 17 NHS TL - K1
  • 120/70 R 17 NHS TL - K2
  • 180/60 R 17 NHS TL - K0
  • 180/60 R 17 NHS TL - K1
  • 180/60 R 17 NHS TL - K2
  • 200/60 R 17 NHS TL - K0
  • 200/60 R 17 NHS TL - K1
  • 200/60 R 17 NHS TL - K2

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