Offroad motorcycle tires

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

Metzeler’s off-road motorcycle tires ensure top performance on dirt tracks, giving you rally-level grip to tackle gravel, sand, rock, loose ground, and mud safely, efficiently, and with agility. We have a comprehensive catalogue of tires for all road and weather conditions, from models for off-road competitions to enduro and motocross races, to more balanced tires for mixed use and adventure.


Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme off-road motorcycle tires are for enduro competitions and have been developed specifically for racing, with the help of official riders from the Enduro World Championship. This tire provides extreme traction on dirt tracks, high resistance to tread wear, and excellent versatility, adapting to all kinds of terrain and giving the rider optimal feedback.

MC 360™ Mid Soft tires are suitable for medium and soft terrain, providing maximum flexibility on mixed routes and combining the resistance of enduro tires with the handling and performance of motocross tires. Alternatively, Metzeler’s MC 360™ Mid Hard off-road tires are designed for rides on medium and hard terrain. They are ideal for motocross, cross-country, freestyle, and enduro use, with high wear-resistance and homologation for road use.

Karoo™ Extreme tires, on the other hand, provide rally-level grip with extreme traction off-road, while Karoo™ 4 tires are an on/off product for enduro motorcycles and off-road adventures. These are versatile tires that ensure excellent handling off-road, with high mileage, and excellent stability even at full load.

Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tires are excellent off-road motorcycle tires, designed specifically for enduro motorcycles. These on/off tires provide grip on dirt tracks and on the road. These are balanced tires equipped with self-cleaning knobs to keep the tread clean, even when you’re riding on tough off-road routes, giving you better handling and corner entry.

Lovers of off-road adventures may prefer to choose Karoo™ Street tires, which are more balanced, increasing grip, handling, and comfort on the road.