Tires for street
and sportbike

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

Metzeler’s tires for sports bikes are suitable for various contexts, from challenging track competitions to sports use on the road. We have a wide range of high-performance tires offering exceptional grip and excellent responsiveness on leans and corner entry.


The Metzeler Racetec™ RR tire ensures top performance for road racing, with a compound selection allowing three levels of grip at the front and rear to adapt its performance to your riding style and setup. The Racetec™ RR offers excellent stability at high speeds, for more precise corner entry and leans, reducing the effect of aerodynamic interference on long straights. Slick models for pure entertainment on the track are also available.

For sport motorcycles, Metzeler also offers the Sportec™ M9 RR, a tire that is perfect for all weathers and sports riding no matter the road condition. The Sportec™ M7 RR, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for riders looking for a Supersport tire that offers excellent performance in both the wet and dry.

The Roadtec™ 01 SE is a high-performance tire for sport touring motorcycles, ideal for improving handling and increasing performance in wet conditions. The Roadtec™ 01 tire is at the top of the Metzeler range, with an innovative tread pattern to improve braking and acceleration.

The Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ ensures riding precision and traction in the wet. The Roadtec™ Z6 is an ideal sports tire for road use, suitable for all weathers.

Metzeler’s Lasertec™ tire is a contemporary product with a classic style. This balanced tire offers performance while still ensuring high mileage and excellent handling. The compound formulation provides grip in all weathers, allowing you to ride safely in both wet and dry conditions. The carcass guarantees good stability at all speeds and riding comfort.