Tires for trail

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

At Metzeler, you can find the best tires for trail motorcycles, with perfect solutions for all requirements and uses. We have a large catalogue of trail tires for off-road use, versatile tires for mixed use on the tarmac and on dirt roads, as well as a vast range of high-performance tires for motorcycle tours and the most challenging terrain.


The new Tourance™ Next 2 is the new-generation tire with a high silica content compound to offer superior performance in the wet and more stability. Alternatively, there is the Tourance™ Next tire, which is compatible with all road, weather, and loading conditions.

The Metzeler Karoo™ Street tire is recommended for mixed use on the street and off-road, for improved behavior on the road, and comfort in all conditions. The Metzeler Karoo™ 4 tire offers extraordinary performance for trail motorcycles. This on/off tire approved for road use is also an ideal solution for exciting off-road adventures. The Karoo™ Extreme, on the other hand, is a rally tire designed specifically for dirt tracks, where it provides excellent traction, versatility and resistance.

The MCE 6 Days Extreme is Metzeler’s tire for enduro off-road competitions, developed in collaboration with official riders from the Enduro World Championship. This tire is also available in special Medium, Soft, and Supersoft versions, with different compounds designed specifically for use in tough conditions. The carbon black ensures optimal performance on the most challenging dirt tracks, with knobs that reduce overheating during intense use.

For medium and soft terrain, the most efficient option is the Metzeler MC 360™ Mid Soft approved for road use, for superior freestyle performance thanks to its versatility and handling. Alternatively, the Metzeler MC 360™ Mid Hard tire is a specific model for tougher off-road conditions, offering the best performance on medium and hard terrain. The tire has a reversible tread pattern, to increase the life of the tire and optimize traction.

The Metzeler range also includes the Metzeler Tourance™, a knobbly tire balanced for mixed use, as it is also suitable for trail motorcycles, with a silica and carbon black compound that ensures that the tire has a long life and high mileage.

The Enduro 3 Sahara is an on/off tire for maximum riding comfort, with self-cleaning knobs and a rubber compound providing grip and resistance both on and off-road.