Tires for scooter
and moped

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

Metzeler offers a comprehensive range of scooter tires and moped tires to ensure optimal road performance for daily use and urban contexts. Our products for scooters and mopeds provide high mileage, maximum road safety, and riding comfort, without compromising on performance.


The Metzeler Roadtec™ Scooter tire for scooters and mopeds is a product that can be used all year round, offering excellent performance in both summer and winter. It adapts to all types of scooters and is compatible with 10- to 16-inch wheels. The Roadtec™ Scooter has a lightweight, flexible carcass for better handling and to reduce weight, as well as patterned grooves designed specifically for scooters to increase traction and improve braking and acceleration.

The Metzeler Sportec™ Street Scooter tire is designed for sport scooters, to offer high performance on the straight and on corner entry. This tire provides grip in all weathers and for all riding styles, as well as a long life and even wear. The Supersport profile offers advanced riding performance, while the silica and carbon black compound provides traction in the wet.

The Metzeler Feelfree™ tire is a Sport Touring product for scooters and mopeds, offering balanced performance when it comes to safety and ride quality. The tread pattern increases stability and grip in the wet, so you can enjoy more responsiveness during maneuvers and acceleration. The Feelfree™ tire ensures riding comfort for daily scooter use, high mileage, and even, linear wear.