Tires for sports tourer

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

At Metzeler, we offer a wide selection of Sport Touring tires for all requirements and contexts of use. In our dedicated range, you can find the best tires for Sport Tourer motorcycles, offering excellent riding comfort, performance, and mileage.


The Roadtec™ 01 SE ensures optimal handling, especially for naked and supersport motorcycles, while also offering great performance in wet conditions and excellent mileage. The Roadtec™ 01 is one of Metzeler’s benchmark products for Sport Touring, offering longer tire life, greater ride safety, and excellent grip in the wet.

The Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ sport touring tire offers excellent riding precision, while with the Roadtec™ Z6, you can travel on the road in any weather.

The Metzeler Lasertec™ tire enhances the classic style of your motorcycle and features contemporary technology. The traditional tread pattern disperses water effectively to ensure optimal mileage and an even level of wear. This Sport Touring tire improves handling and riding comfort, providing grip in all weather conditions.

The Metzeler Racetec™ RR tire has been developed specifically for Road Racing, giving you top performance regardless of your riding style. The composite structure ensures more stability on straights. The Sportec™ M9 RR is the ideal outstanding sport tire suitable for all weather conditions, while the Sportec™ M7 RR ensures sporty performance in both the wet and dry. 

With the Tourance™ Next, you can embark on motorcycle tours safely and with riding pleasure, with a high-performance dual compound for sport touring handling and a structure that ensures maximum riding comfort, absorbing shock from bumps in the road and uneven surfaces. The Metzeler Tourance™ tire features a carbon black and silica compound with a specific tread pattern to increase mileage and ensure excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. The radial rear tire favors stability, with balanced performance on and off-road.