Touring motorcycle tires

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

At Metzeler, you can find the best tires for trail motorcycles, with perfect solutions for all requirements and uses. We have a large catalogue of trail tires for off-road use, versatile tires for mixed use on the tarmac and on dirt roads, as well as a vast range of high-performance tires for motorcycle tours and the most challenging terrain.


The Roadtec™ 01 SE is a tire for riders who want superior handling and grip. It is the best solution for sport touring, to improve handling and optimize the performance of Naked and Supersport motorcycles.

If you choose the Roadtec™ 01, it will ensure that you have a safe ride, without compromising on performance or fun. It is a perfect tire for Sport Touring as it can increase grip in the wet and offer more traction on low-friction surfaces.

The Cruisetec™ tire, particularly suitable for motorcycles with V-TWIN engines, combines profiles derived from the sport-touring segment and robust carcasses. This product thus provides solid structural support, which allows for the adoption of performance-oriented technological solutions.

The ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra offers grip in the wet and excellent mileage. It has a long life and ensures uniform wear and performance even in adverse weather, so you can travel safely and focus on enjoying the ride on your vintage motorcycle. Those interested in the segment can also count on the ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra WHITEWALL, the ideal partner for long journeys. This product is also characterized by an exceptional wet grip thanks to silica compound, which guarantees chemical adhesion on wet surfaces.

The Metzeler Tourance™ Next tire is designed to offer support for touring and adventures, with high levels of grip regardless of the weather, riding style, or road surface. This tire provides traction on tarmac and dirt roads, superior riding comfort, and interacts well with modern ABS devices.

The Karoo™ Street tire is a balanced off-road tire that offers excellent performance even on the road. The tire offers excellent off-road traction, durability, and agile on-road behavior with even wear and cross-country aesthetics.

The Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ is a tire developed to offer better handling, precision on cornering, and performance in the wet. It is the ideal companion for touring and long motorcycle trips, so you can be fully prepared and enjoy maximum safety in all weathers and on any road surface.

For worry-free driving, regardless of weather conditions, Metzeler has created the Lasertec™, which combines classic style with the most innovative technological solutions.

The Tourance™ is a road knobbly Metzeler tire designed for larger and enduro motorcycles. It is an award-winning tire that has a longer life and offers excellent handling, precision, and lean experience.

In Metzeler’s range of touring motorcycle tires, you can find the Perfect ME 11™, for minimal wear, increased stability at high speeds, and consistent performance. The tire has a classic tread pattern and it is recommended from small to medium displacement motorcycles, with an innovative compound that ensures excellent traction in all weathers.

Perfect for touring and suitable for medium power bikes is the Block™ K, which, thanks to the groove's exclusive geometry, allows long adventures even in the wet. The Block™ C also belongs to the classic Metzeler product line, specially designed for use on small-medium power motorcycles' front and rear wheels. The tread design with high skid resistance ensures excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces.

With the Metzeler Roadtec™ Z6, you can enjoy excellent performance on your trips in all weather conditions, for safe and efficient adventures on the road. Designed for sport touring needs, this tire offers strong performance in the wet, with high levels of grip on any surface and in any weather conditions you might encounter on your journey.