Tires for cruiser
and custom motorcycle

Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

The Metzeler range includes specific tires for custom motorcycles and dedicated tires for cruiser motorcycles. We offer a wide choice of products that provide exceptional performance, improved handling and more grip when riding.


The Metzeler Cruisetec™ tire is a new-generation product designed specifically for V-Twin motorcycles, and more. This tire ensures excellent handling and better line holding on corners, with an innovative carcass and a tread compound that provides optimal grip. It offers superior performance, even interacting with old ABS systems, with even wear and high responsiveness to direction changes.

The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra tire provides optimized riding pleasure, increased mileage, and excellent performance in the wet. The innovative structure and tread pattern, with transversal grooves, extend the life of the tire and ensure solid performance in the wet. The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon™ White Wall tire also stands out thanks to its classic style that enhances the look of cruiser and custom motorcycles.

The Metzeler Perfect ME 77™ tire is designed for small and medium displacement custom and cruiser motorcycles, offering high mileage and consistent riding performance.