FEELFREE™ WINTEC FEELFREE™ WINTEC Choose the Metzeler FEELFREE™ WINTEC tyres and discover the pleasure of driving safely and with high performance!


‘Cold and wet’ high performance compound and sipes for fast warm-up and contact feeling


Grip on wet

The tread design of FEELFREE™ WINTEC is based on Metzeler’s experience in sport-touring motorcycle and is characterized by the presence of sipes.
The main characteristics of this tread pattern are:

  • Enlarged draining grooves for maximum water dispersal
  • Technical driven shape and disposal of grooves, correlating front and rear land/sea ratio, maximizing performance especially on wet conditions
  • Sipes lay out designed to maximize traction in wet conditions and to ensure the best contact feeling
  • Sipes shape is engineered to accelerate warm up time and reduce tread pattern movement
Grip at low temperature

The wintec compound is able to adapt better to the road surface even at low temperature, and provide maximum grip in wet and cold conditions.
The blend of three different types of polymers provides at the same time excellent wet behavior, low operating temperature and mechanical resistance even at low temperature thanks to the patented process of compound mixing.
The balanced mix between silica and carbon black ensures the proper stiffness, granting excellent feedback in both cold and warm conditions.

Comfort and stability

FEELFREE™ WINTEC is characterized by high stiffness structure on both front and rear sizes, associated with a lightweight carcass that promote stability, comfort, easiness of handling and road holding at high speeds.

  • Maximum stability in different load conditions
  • High speed stability even in warm conditions
  • Comfort and safety feeling “all weather”


Silica and carbon black:
  • Excellent feedback in both cold and warm conditions
  • Adapt to the road surface
Swaying longitudinal groove:
  • Effective water drainage
  • Wear regularity
Synchronized front & rear sea/land ratio:
  • Combined front and rear water drainage at all lean angles
  • Smooth and homogeneous riding feeling
  • Maximize traction in wet
  • Contact feeling
  • Accelerate warm up
Three different types of polymers:
  • Excellent wet behavior
  • Low operating temperature
  • Resistance to wear at low temperature

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