Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

Metzeler offers a wide range of dual sport motorcycle tyres: on/off products suitable for both off-road use on dirt tracks and on the tarmac. In the specific catalogue, you can find all kinds of track and road tyres, with solutions for various requirements and tyres suitable for different weather conditions, riding styles and surfaces.


The Metzeler Enduro 1-2 dual sport tyres are designed for mixed use, ensuring solid performance on the tarmac and off-road. The configuration of the knobs improves grip on different road conditions, while the compound ensures high mileage. Another option is the Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara, an on/off tyre suitable for those prioritising riding pleasure on dirt roads, as well as better handling and corner entry.

The Metzeler Karoo™ 4 tyres are versatile dual sport tyres, providing exceptional grip off-road and optimal mileage on the road. With the Karoo™ Extreme, on the other hand, you can enjoy maximum traction on dirt tracks with rally-level grip, even on the most extreme stretches, without compromising on versatility and stability. The Metzeler Karoo™ Street motorcycle tyres are recommended for enhanced performance on the tarmac, and high levels of agility and safety, even off-road.

One of the most efficient dual sport tyres in the Metzeler catalogue is the Tourance™, a tyre developed for enduro motorcycle use for long journeys and mixed routes, ensuring grip in the wet and high levels of traction off-road. The Tourance™ Next tyres are suitable for various weather conditions, riding styles and surfaces, with excellent mileage and performance in the wet. The Tourance™ Next 2 tyres feature Metzeler’s innovative technology, combining the comfort and wear-resistance of a road tyre with the efficiency and aggressiveness of an off-road tyre.