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At Metzeler, we offer a wide range of road motorcycle tyres to suit various riding styles, weather conditions and road surfaces. In the Metzeler catalogue, you can find road tyres for both road and off-road use, tyres for all types of motorcycle and riding experience, offering increased mileage, improved riding comfort, optimised performance and maximum safety.


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ROADTEC™ 02 are innovative tyres that adjust to individual riding style. The grooves cater to both long-distance trips and sporty rides. This system also positively influences manoeuverability, ensuring excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

The Block™ K tyre has a classic tread and vintage style, suitable for classic, vintage and retro motorcycles. It is designed for small and medium displacement motorcycles, ensuring high mileage and consistent performance.

The Metzeler Cruisetec™ is an ideal road tyre for improved performance on V-Twin power cruisers and performance tourers. Dedicated to Custom, Cruiser and Heavy Touring motorcycles, this new-generation tyre optimises performance with better handling and support on leans, to increase your confidence with your bike and get a better response, even in wet conditions.

The Enduro 1-2 tyre offers balanced performance on road and on dirt roads. The distribution of the knobs provides a smooth ride, while the unique tread compound ensures high mileage.

The Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara is an on/off tyre designed to enhance riding comfort, with self-cleaning knobs that improve off-road grip and a compound to optimise grip on the tarmac. This tyre provides excellent handling, easier corner entry and more safety on road trips.

The Feelfree™ is a Sport Touring tyre designed for high-performance scooters, giving you safety on all road surfaces and consistent performance. The tread pattern is designed to increase stability on leans and cornering, with greater comfort on urban rides.

The Karoo™ 4 is one of Metzeler’s best products for enduro road use. It is an on/off tyre providing rally-level traction and optimal grip in all weathers. This tyre ensures high mileage, greater stability at high speeds and excellent control, even at full load.

The Karoo™ Street tyre is a balanced off-road tyre offering great performance even on road. The tyre delivers great off road traction, resistance and agile behaviour on the road with even wear and a cross-country aesthetic.

The Lasertec™ road motorcycle tyre is designed to offer solid performance on long trips, ensuring safety in all weather conditions. It has a classic tread pattern with contemporary technology like the high silica content compound to provide even wear, grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The Metzeler ME 22™ is a Classic Touring tyre with a traditional tread pattern designed for small and medium displacement motorcycles. The tyre offers even performance, high mileage and grip in the wet and on all types of asphalt.

The ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra tyre deliver increased your mileage, at the same time offering good performance in the wet with better traction in adverse weather conditions. It is a reliable, balanced tyre ideal for Cruiser, Custom and Tourer road motorcycles.

The Perfect ME 11™ tyre has a classic tread pattern, designed to increase mileage and ensure consistent wear. It is suitable for vintage and retro motorcycles, ensuring traction in the wet, a great feeling on cornering and a more comfortable ride.

The Racetec™ RR is a high-performance road racing motorcycle tyre ranging a selection soft, medium or hard compounds. This tyre offers personalised grip, superior stability on corners and long life even with intensive use.

The Metzeler Roadtec™ 01 tyre is suitable for all weathers and is designed specifically for the Sport Touring world. It is available with radial and X-Ply structures to improve grip in the wet and low-friction situations, with excellent mileage and great versatility.

The Roadtec™ 01 SE tyre is designed for the sportier Sport Touring needs, for those looking for optimal handling without compromising on mileage. The unique tread pattern ensures sporty behaviour with a higher lean angle for exceptional traction when cornering at high speeds.

The Roadtec™ Z6 is designed for riding road motorcycles in all weathers. It is a versatile Sport Touring tyre, perfect for trips on the road. It offers solid performance in the wet with good water drainage thanks to the special central, longitudinal grooves, with high-level traction even in the dry.

The Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ can increase your bike’s performance in the wet, offering greater safety and traction in any weather. It ensures predictable behaviour on the road, an excellent riding feeling and better support on leans.

The Metzeler Sportec™ M7 RR road motorcycle tyre is perfect for sport riding as it offers excellent performance for all riding styles, types of road motorcycle and weather conditions. Thanks to tread pattern and compound formulation it offers excellent wet grip with a dual compound to increase performance on cornering and on the straight.

If you choose The Sportec™ M9 RR , you can enjoy the very best riding experience. This sporty tyre offers extraordinary handling, optimal behaviour in the wet thanks to the new silica compounds, high mileage and excellent grip on cornering.

The Sportec™ Street is a sporty road tyre with a X-Ply structure for an agile ride, with instant feedback on leans and on the straight. This model offer superior wet and dry grip, high mileage and a sporty feeling, with even wear and a long life.

The Metzeler Sportec™ Street Scooter road tyre is designed for Scooters and Mopeds, to optimise performance and acceleration. The tyre has a long life, excellent handling, even wear and grip in different weather and road conditions.

The Tourance™ is an iconic road knobbly tyre for enduro road motorcycles, suitable for modern motorcycles. The silica and carbon black-based compound ensures high mileage, while the radial structure of the rear tyre offers more stability, making cornering and leaning more agile.

The Metzeler Tourance™ Next is a high-performance tyre for enduro road motorcycles, to tackle any type of road surface and weather. This product offers excellent mileage, high levels of grip in the wet and extraordinary riding comfort, with good absorption of bumps in the road and optimal interaction with ABS systems.