SPORTEC™ STREET SPORTEC™ Street Choose the Metzeler SPORTEC™ Street tyres and discover the pleasure of driving safely and with high performance!


  • Agile handling
  • Sporty profile enabling dynamic and precise trajectory
  • Durability and wear uniformity
  • Excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions


Supersport derived profiles

The profiles are directly derived from those of the radial supersport segment and specifically tuned to deliver a wider contact patch for better support in lean and quick acquisition of the cornering angle and riding precision.
The aspect of the tyre results also wider for an aggressive and sporty look.

Durability and wear uniformity

The combination and the interaction of the Greek π inspired tread design with a balanced silica and carbon black blended compound deliver regular wear of the tread design and resistance to abrasion of the compound for an extended durability and performance robustness

Chemical grip

The specifically developed compound is balanced in silica and carbon black fillers to deliver chemical grip in dry and wet condition at different temperatures.
The Greek π inspired tread design is very effective in water evacuation thanks to the shape and the orientation of its grooves at all lean angles offering a distinctive safety feeling when tipping in the lean on wet.


Greek π tread pattern:
Efficient water evacuation even in hardest conditions and deep water
Longitudinal grooves:
  • Increase water evacuation
  • Safety feeling on wet
  • Increases tyre flexibility and enlarges the footprint area
Radial grooves:
Water drainage at high lean angles
Central slick stripe:
  • Improve the grip on dry
  • Reduce slippage and wear
  • High speed stability
Balanced silica and carbon black single compound with resins for both front an rear:
  • Quick warm up
  • Wet behavior

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