Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

Metzeler has a comprehensive catalogue featuring the best tyres for enduro motorcycles, with specific products for any road or dirt track. Our enduro tyres are ideal for exciting experiences on your motorcycle, and enjoying maximum safety, high mileage and excellent responsiveness from the tyres.


For larger, more modern enduro motorcycles, an excellent choice is the Metzeler Tourance™ knobbly tyre, with a silica and carbon black compound to increase the mileage and ensure a longer life, with excellent grip in the dry and wet. The Tourance™ Next tyre allows you to handle any weather conditions, without compromising on riding comfort and maximising the performance of the ABS. For maxi enduro motorcycles, the Metzeler range also includes the new Tourance™ Next 2, a tyre that reduces the stopping distance, improves agility on the road and ensures even wear.

For superior traction off-road, an excellent choice is the Metzeler Karoo™ 4, an on/off tyre that is also suitable for road use and offers rally-level grip when riding on dirt tracks.

For enduro competitions, Metzeler offers the MCE 6 Days Extreme, a tyre developed in collaboration with official riders from the Enduro World Championship. It is a new-generation, high-performance tyre providing excellent traction on all types of terrain, with a rear tyre profile that increases resistance and reduces wear. The carcass of the 6 Days Extreme provides better feedback when riding, while the carbon black compounds reduce overheating of the knobs.