Legal Information

This website (“Website”) collects and processes personal data. Such personal data are used to identify your computer, browser or any other mobile device that you use to surf the Internet. Personal data are collected through the Website by means of small software files and other tracking technologies (“Cookies”).

What Cookies are used on this Website?

The Website uses technical and profiling Cookies that are installed directly by us (so-called “First Party Cookies”) or by our selected partners (so-called “Third Party Cookies”).

First Party Cookies only include Technical Cookies. These Cookies are strictly necessary to enhance your browsing experience and guarantee the core technical functionalities of our Website (for example: they are used to display contents on the Websites or remember your consent preferences). Your consent is not necessary to make possible for us to collect information about you and install this particular category of Cookies. This because we rely on the legal basis of our legitimate business interest in providing you access to our Website in the best possible way.

Third Party Cookies include Analytics Cookies. These Cookies are used for statistical analysis purposes and for collecting information about your experience on the Website only in an aggregated and anonymous form (for example: they are used to count the number of user visits on the Website). Your consent is not necessary to make possible for us to collect information about you and install this particular category of Cookies. This because we rely on the legal basis of our legitimate business interest in collecting information strictly aimed at analyzing the performance of our Website in terms of online reach, visibility and accessibility.

Third Party Cookies also include Marketing Cookies. These Cookies are installed through the Website by our selected partners in order to collect personal data about you and display targeted advertising customized according to the preferences you expressed during the browsing session (for example, when you visit some pages of the Website or interact with the Website’s features). Your explicit consent is necessary for the installation of such Marketing Cookies.

The Website includes also content sharing functions on social media. When using these functions, social media platforms may collect information about you, such as your IP address, the pages you visited or the Cookies containing your personal data. Please note that the privacy policies of those social media platforms regulate such processing.

Where can you find more information on the Cookies used on this Website?

The table available at this link explains in more details our Cookies (for example: their specific category, applicable retention periods and links to applicable cookie policies of our selected third parties for opt-out preferences). The table is regularly reviewed (at least once every month) to make sure all information are correct and up to date.

Additional information on our personal data processing activities (including information on which company is the data controller for the Website, how you can exercise your privacy rights and contact the data protection officer) can be found in our Privacy Policy.

How do I choose my cookie settings?

When you access the Website for the first time, a short notice on the use of Cookies will appear as a pop-up banner with different selection buttons. Such pop-up banner includes a link to this Cookie Policy.

By clicking the “Accept” button on the pop-up, you will explicitly provide your optional consent to the installation of the Cookies for which opt-in consent is necessary (more specifically: Marketing Cookies). Cookies consent preferences can be changed freely and at any time directly from here.

By clicking the button “Decline”, the “X” symbol on the top-right corner of the banner or the button “Manage your Cookie preferences”, you will be able to deny your consent to the installation of Cookies or decide whether to opt-in to such installation. In any event, you will still be able to access the Website even after rejecting the installation of cookies.

You can also set your web browser to refuse the installation of Cookies by default or delete all installed Cookies from your computer or mobile device. The procedure varies depending on the specific settings of the web browser used.