Find the right METZELER
for your motorcycle

In the Metzeler catalogue, you can find all kinds of touring motorcycle tyres offering excellent grip in all weathers, high mileage and optimal performance on the tarmac and on dirt roads. We offer high-performance tyres for motorcycle tours, with innovative solutions for both classic and contemporary sport touring, touring and supersport motorcycles.


The Roadtec™ 01 SE is a tyre for riders who want superior handling and grip. It is the best solution for sport touring, to improve handling and optimise the performance of Naked and Supersport motorcycles. If you choose the Roadtec™ 01, it will ensure that you have a safe ride, without compromising on performance and fun. It is a perfect tyre for Sport Touring as it can increase grip in the wet and offer more traction on low-friction surfaces.

The Cruisetec™ touring motorcycle tyre helps to improve performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology. It is compatible with many different custom and cruiser motorcycles, especially motorcycles with a V-Twin engine. It has a robust carcass and profiles developed based on Metzeler’s Sport Touring experience.

The ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra and ME 888 Marathon™ Ultra Whitewall the offers grip in the wet and excellent mileage. It has a long life and ensures uniform wear and performance even in adverse weather, so you can travel safely and focus on enjoying the ride.

The Metzeler Tourance™ Next tyre is designed to offer support for touring and adventures, with high levels of grip no matter the weather, riding style or road surface. This tyre provides traction on tarmac and dirt roads, superior riding comfort and interacts well with modern ABS devices. The Karoo™ Street tyre is a Metzeler off-road tyre designed to offer road performance and exceptional grip. Tyre profile ensures excellent handling with superior riding comfort and excellent interaction with modern ABS systems.

The Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ is a tyre developed to offer better handling, precision on cornering and performance in the wet. It is the ideal companion for touring and long motorcycle trips, so you can be fully prepared and enjoy maximum safety in all weathers and on any road surface.

The Lasertec™ road motorcycle tyre is designed to offer solid performance on long trips, ensuring safety in all weather conditions. It has a classic tread pattern with contemporary technology like the high silica content compound to provide even wear, grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The Tourance™ is a road knobbly Metzeler tyre designed for larger and enduro motorcycles. It is an award-winning tyre that has a longer life and offers excellent handling, precision and lean experience.

The Enduro 1-2 is a tyre providing traction both on and off-road. It helps you tackle dirt roads effortlessly, enjoying excellent grip in all weathers on road and high mileage.

The Metzeler ME 22™ offers consistent performance and high mileage, while the classic tread pattern enhances the look of classic, vintage and retro touring motorcycles. It is a balanced, versatile tyre that gives you excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The Block™ K is a touring tyre with a classic tread pattern and excellent mileage. This tyre is ideal for small and medium displacement motorcycles, offering consistent performance and excellent wear-resistance, making your trips on the road safe and efficient.