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Interact Technology

Interact™ is the Multi Tension Technology allowing Metzeler tyres to offer the best performance in all conditions.


Mileage, grip, handling..the differentiated tensioning of the steel belt underneath the tread compound gives a tailored performance.

This insightful video explains Interact™ technology and its benefits for all motorcyclists: Interact Multi Zone Tension Technology.


Roadtec Z8 Interact™

Roadtec Z8 Interact™

Interact™ 3 Zone Tension technology has been incorporated to improve handling and comfort, introducing a new level of riding enjoyment. From the first mile and in all weather conditions, Roadtec Z8 Interact lets you enjoy the distance safely.

Roadtec Z8 Interact™ tech
Racetec Interact K3

Racetec Interact K3

Metzeler’s Racetec supersport racing tire was the first racing product to feature the patented Interact™ Multi Zone Tension technology. Thanks to its 3 variable tension zones, it delivers tailored premium performance for all track situations in order to get that "Pure Race Time".

Racetec Interact K3 tech
Sportec M5 Interact™

Sportec M5 Interact™

The Interact™ Multi Zone Tension technology is used creating 5 different zones with tailored performance, producing the best all-round Supersport tyre with high levels of rider confidence and performance in all riding situations.

Sportec M5 Interact™ tech