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Understand your tyre

  • Overview
  • Product name
  • Country of production
  • Size
  • Tyre manufacturer
  • Homologation number
  • Safety warning
  • DOT Certification
  • Production date
  • Direction of rotation


Product name

Name of Productline

Country of production


120: Tyre section nominal width (mm)
70: Tyre aspect ratio %
ZR: Tyre contruction type (“-” Bias tyre, “B” Bias-belted, “R” + "ZR" Radial belted)
M/C: Type for motorcycle only
17: Rim diameter (inches)
(58W): Load and speed index code
TL: Tubeless (TL): Tubeless tyre - Tubetype (TT): Tubetype tyre

Tyre manufacturer

Homologation number

According to ECE R 75

Safety warning

The side wall description respect legal requirements in different countries

DOT Certification

Department of Transportation. It indicates that the tyre conforms to the regulations issued by the transport depts of USA and Canada

Production date

Date of manufacture for example 4811 = 48. Production week 2011

Direction of rotation

The arrow indicate the direction of rotation according to the fitting position