Mousse & Gel

Mousse & Gel

Metzeler alternative to inner tubes
for off-road applications


Mousse is a technologically advanced product. It is a butyl rubber ring with a honeycomb structure, characterised by the presence of self-pressuring agents which are capable of creating a large number of gas bubbles inside the mousse, keeping the product intact even after punctures. Across desert dunes or on cross competition dirt tracks, face your next challenge with the most suitable equipment. 
Metzeler mousse are NHS marked, meaning they must not be used on public roads. When fitting a mousse, the mounting lubricant gel must be spread completely inside the tyre, avoiding the beads.



  • MOUSSE E-21C1 - MEDIUM  (ENDURO 90/90-21)
  • MOUSSE E-21C1 - HARD (ENDURO 90/90-21)
  • MOUSSE X-21B1 - MEDIUM (CROSS 80/100-21)
  • MOUSSE E-18F1 - MEDIUM (ENDURO 120/90-18)
  • MOUSSE E-18H1 - SOFT  (ENDURO 140/80-18)
  • MOUSSE E-18H1 - MEDIUM (ENDURO 140/80-18)
  • MOUSSE E-18H1 - HARD  (ENDURO 140/80-18)
  • MOUSSE X-19D1 - MEDIUM (CROSS 100/90-19)
  • MOUSSE X-19E1 - MEDIUM (CROSS 110/90-19)
  • MOUSSE X-19F1 - MEDIUM (CROSS 120/90-19)