ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ ROADTEC Z8 INTERACT Main Image Choose the Metzeler ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ tires and discover the pleasure of driving safely and with high performance!


A long time test winner until the breakthrough of ROADTEC™ 01, with a sublime blend of precise and effortless handling



ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ ensures peace of mind in the hardest situations, in the cold or wet, providing ideal handling for true riding pleasure.

Riding easiness, comfort, predictability, easy turn in, progressivity in lean, are provided by the interaction of Sport Touring profiles with the Greek P tread pattern and the patented Interact™ technology.

Interact™ is the multi tension technology allowing Metzeler tires to offer the best performance in all conditions; the differentiated tensioning of the steel belt underneath the tread compound gives a tailored performance.

  • High steel belts winding tension in the center reduces compound movement and increases stability of the footprint area which reduces wear and ensures high speed stability.
  • Low steel belts winding tension creates more flexibility and energy absorption, the compound increases the temperature and becomes softer, offering more grip while leaning.

Best performance until the last mile, adaptability to different conditions and comfort during long rides, handling agility even with a worn tire are provided by a unique combination of high silica compound with the Interact technology.
High silica compounds are known for their longevity and mechanical resistance to abrasion but our patented mixing process is able to further boost this characteristic by increasing its dispersion inside the polymeric matrix and achieving an incomparable level of homogeneosity.

This sophisticated compound is then coupled with a  high tension 0° steel belt in the center portion of the tire that provides a firm support, reduces compound movement and prevents overheating, contributing to reduce the wear of the tire and hence increase the mileage.


Grip on all kind of asphalt

ROADTEC™ Z8 INTERACT™ connects you to the road, especially in the wet.

It always ensures the best stability and allows you to ride with maximum confidence and a safe feeling thanks to the groove layout of the tread pattern, inspired by Greek 𝜋 shape and engineered to enhance water drainage in the hardest conditions.

The grooves modify the stiffness of the tire and are used to calibrate and optimize the entire contact patch pressure at every lean angle.

Their shape and position have been studied to provide mechanical grip at different lean angles and types of riding. Water drainage, even in deep water, is granted by the presence of large grooves in the footprint area, regardless of the angle.

The central longitudinal grooves are deeper and longer to increase water evacuation. They cover approximately 70% of lean angle typically reached in wet conditions, which delivers a complete feeling of safety. In dry conditions, they work as a pin, which increases the flexibility of the tread and enlarges the footprint area, thus providing stability especially at high speed.

Radial grooves on the shoulders provide optimum drainage at high lean angles, so even those who ride enthusiastically in the wet will discover that the Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ provides maximum safety in all conditions.

The inclination of the groove wall is designed for a consistent water flow throughout the tire's life, even when the wear process is near completion.


Greek π tread pattern:
Efficient water evacuation even in the toughest and wettest conditions 
Longitudinal grooves:
  • Deep and long to increase water evacuation
  • Safety feeling in the wet
  • Increases tire flexibility and enlarges the footprint area
Radial grooves:
  • Water drainage at high lean angles
  • Maximum safety in all conditions
Spaced grooves:
  • More rubber in contact with the ground
  • Better grip on dry at full lean
  • Reduced noise and vibration