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Tyre construction

Examples and explanation of the main typologies of motorcycle tyre structures


Interact™: multi zone tension Interact™: multi zone tension
Interact™ is the modular multi-tension steel cord winding technology, allowing Metzeler tyres to offer the best performance in all conditions. The performance of the tread compound is influenced by the stiffness of the structure. Mileage, grip, handling... the differentiated tensioning of the steel belt underneath the tread compound gives a tailored performance, exactly where needed, giving maximum adaptability to different riding styles.
Metzeler Advanced Winding Metzeler Advanced Winding
“Metzeler Advanced Winding” is a patented system for optimum spacing between the cords of the 0° steel belt. In certain sections of the tyre, the steel cords are wound with different spacing depending on the performance requirements on that particular area of the tyre. On both front & rear tyre the spacing is wider in the crown area for more elasticity and self damping. For sections of the tyre used for mid lean, there is increased stiffness to support fast cornering. On the shoulder area on the rear tyre, the spacing is again wider for safe feedback and control when riding towards full lean.
Multiple Radius Contour Multiple Radius Contour
Engineering technology for contour design dedicated to high performance riding. The contour curvature differs between the crown and shoulder area in order to provide the most intuitive and effective handling and grip characteristics. The crown and shoulder areas feature a sharper radius for faster and more precise handling (crown) and safer stability limit feedback (shoulder). A wider radius characterizes the side area, ensuring a larger contact patch for cornering stability.
Metzeler Belt System Metzeler Belt System
“Metzeler Belt System” is the patented technology by Metzeler for the diagonal belt on cross-ply tyres. This modular-like construction technology really allows tuning each single size to the specific needs of the bikes for superior stability. This means that weight and performance of the tyres are specifically developed for the more traditionally styled yet powerful bikes, enhancing their dynamic performance.
MBS-Radial MBS-Radial
This symbol identifies a tyre with radial carcass and diagonal belt using MBS technology. The radial carcass allows the construction of a low section tyre for enhanced cornering stability and reduced weight, while the diagonal belt limits tyre deformation at high speed.
Single Radius Contour Single Radius Contour
Specific tyre contour developed for custom-touring bikes, characterized by a linear design. A bike specific profile, especially for heavy models. The wide crown area ensures great comfort and stability at all speed, thus maintaining very high mileage characteristics. The round side area of the contour provides very linear and easy handling.
Contour Modelling Technology Contour Modelling Technology
Advanced design technology of the tyre contour is tuned for a high performance riding style on modern bikes. Complimentary front and rear tyre profiles are optimized through them having different contours, but each of them optimized to match at a single lean angle. The final contour design of the set features the best performing behaviour for every riding style and all modern bikes: predictability, grip limit feedback and cornering stability.
Steel Radial Steel Radial
Innovative belt structure, with a single ply of steel cords wrapped at 0° around a radial carcass. Patented technology by Metzeler for both front and rear high performance tyres. Steel features a higher stiffness than the traditional textile material used and also reduces tyre weight. A steel belted radial reduces the dynamic deformation of the tyre under centrifugal forces giving the tyre excellent high-speed stability. Steel is an excellent conductor, therefore providing a more uniform heat distribution which allows higher mileage and wear characteristics are more uniform.
Dymatec™ Dymatec™
The latest in Metzeler Technology, Dymatec™ applies variable groove angles and tread pattern depths across the tyre. Dymatec™ ensures the most consistent wear during the lifespan of the tyre.
Hyperbase™ Hyperbase™
Hyperbase™ is a 3D multi compound tread, and provides a consistent rubber layer, underneath the main tread pattern. This “basement” layer, influences the dynamic output and provides significant benefits to the rider. Hyperbase™ ensures predictable line holding and assists greatly with thermal stability which in turn has a positive effect on expected mileage and usage.
Cap&base Cap&base
This 3D multi-compound tread layout consists of a centre stripe extending underneath the side tread compound(s). Cap&base provides significant advantages – notably rigidity of the tyre throughout its lifecycle and depending on where and how the tyre is being used, ensures quick warm-up of the tyre shoulder whilst at the same time ensuring maximum thermal stability.


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