KAROO™ 3 KAROO™ 3 Choose the Metzeler KAROO™ 3 tyres and discover the pleasure of driving safely and with high performance!


The Enduro on/off tyre for your adventures far and away.
A versatile product featuring rally-raid off-road traction and high speed stability with excellent mileage even fully loaded

  • Motorrad und Reisen Test Enduro Adventure Tyres


Adventure mileage

The latest generation of polymers blended in the compound lend a remarkable resistance to abrasion and knob tearing.
KAROO™ 3 has a great effective mileage in this segment and provides the 30% more durability than its predecessor MCE KAROO™ and MCE KAROO™(T).

Off-road traction and power

The exclusive V-shaped layout of blocks with composite orientation of working edges and the variable spacing between knobs, provides excellent off-road traction in different conditions, especially those found in the long-distance rally raids on sandy, clayey and hard-packed paths.

High speed stability

The big size of the blocks of the tread pattern and their coupling with a stiff carcass, lends perfect stability at high speeds, even when fully loaded with luggage and passenger, when reaching the next stage of the adventure on paved or hard packed-roads.


Longitudinal groove:
Self-cleaning from mud and dirt
Transversal grooves:
Off-road traction
Extra large central blocks:
  • Improve mileage
  • Increase stability
  • More working edges for off-road traction in all conditions
Wide lateral blocks:
  • Increase footprint area
  • Grip and stability in lean
V-shaped blocks layout:
  • Wear regularity
  • Off-road traction


  • 90/90 - 21 M/C 54R M+S TL
  • 90/90 - 21 M/C 54S M+S TL
  • 110/80 - 19 M/C 59R M+S TL
  • 120/70 R 19 M/C 60T M+S TL
  • 140/80 - 18 M/C 70R M+S TL
  • 150/70 - 18 M/C 70R M+S TL
  • 130/80 - 17 M/C 65R M+S TL
  • 140/80 - 17 M/C 69R M+S TL
  • 150/70 - 17 M/C 69R M+S TL
  • 170/60 R 17 M/C 72T M+S TL


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