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HMW Logic
I work at a tyre shop in Turkey and we also sell our merchandise on internet at . There is something puzzling me about your HWM tyres. For example, your tyre catalogue recommends HWM rear tyre for a KAWSAKI Z1000SX but it also recommends regular M7RRs for the same bike. This seems a bit odd because if a motorcycle requires an HWM tyre, how come it can use a regular sports tyre without any drawback? Another example for this comes for BMW R1200R. It also requires an HWM rear tyre but in Michelin's tyre catalogue regular Pilot Road 4s are recommended instead of GTs. Regular Pilot Road 4s have a weaker carcass structure compared to Roadtec01s as well as HWM versions. We are struggling to explain such technicalities to our customers. What's the logic behind HWM versions?

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