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The sizes of the tires
Hello! 5 years I've been using metzeler motorcycle tires. In Russia, long distances and very often unpaved roads.We move on any roads and quite unsuitable for these roads the motorcycles. In order to adapt his technique to our conditions. We install tires are designed for other classes of motorcycles. But unfortunately the number of dimensions desired models of tires is very limited. Is not enough 18" tires for mounting on front wheel. It would be logical to see the TOURANCE NEXT ROADTEC 01, SAHARA 3. For the front wheel light and medium road bikes would fit well 3 SAHARA 17". China and Korea produce the tires of any size,but the quality of their products is very low . I understand that you are targeting those motorcycle models are now being produced in the world.But a lot of equipment produced in the last century is moving on the roads of the world. I think this is a big omission on your part not to consider this fact . I hope soon to see an expanded range of sizes for your products

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